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Fire Door Installation


Fire doors play an essential role in the passive fire protection of a building, and provide protection to critical fire safety provisions, by resisting the passage and spread of a fire through the compartments in which they are installed. It is essential and a legal requirement for a manufacturer of a fire door to demonstrate the ability of their products, however if they are not properly installed their fire resisting capabilities are seriously compromised.
A fire door is more than just a leaf, there are many other elements of a fire “door set” which are vital to the proper functioning of a fire door. The ironmongery (handles, latches and hinges), glazing systems (glass, beading, fixings) intumescent products, door closers and door frames are all essential elements of fire doors which must be fit for purpose, suitable for use on the door set as identified in the global assessment, and function as intended. In addition to this, the installation of a fire door extends beyond the doorframe to the aperture reveal. The architrave and door frame packing material, whilst not strictly speaking are part of the doorset, are key components in ensuring the overall performance of the fire door and should be fire stopped using the correct materials.
I-BOS have been installing fire doors to a high standard over the last 4 years and have worked on numerous national large projects from new builds, to refurbishments, to grade I listed buildings. We are members of the British Woodworking Federation (BWF), are third party accredited installers, and provide full certification of our installations through the UKAS accredited FIRAS scheme, along with comprehensive handover documents detailing the full installation process from removal of old to handover. Our documentation includes a full photographic record of every element of installation to give the customer, client and end user not only peace of mind, but that essential trail of documentation proving that your doors are correctly installed.

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